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brovember-mens prostate cancer brovember-mens prostate cancer


( November 1 through November 30, 2013 )
Because of the popular trend of Movember and No- shave November: facial hair has become synonymous with the month of November and bringing national attention to men's prostate cancer. As a local barber/shaver, I feel obligated to my clients to bring attention to mens cancer issues and getting the community involved in raising funds for a local cancer resource center. Brovember Beard-A-Thon has become an annual fundraising event that gives participants an opportunity to ditch the shaving routine and get in touch with their inner Grizzly Adams. The Brovember Beard-A-Thon is a one-of-a-kind event that gives everyone an opportunity to participate through their actions and words, as participants’ band together to raise funds and awareness for men's cancer initiatives in our community. Together with the help of local businesses and the media, we can bring more attention to the seriousness of this disease and the no cost help and support that men can find at Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center of Rockford.
Healing Pathways CRC is a local (non-for profit) organization located in the Rockford area and is equipped to help all people cope with the challenges of cancer and move toward a ”new normal” after their treatment. The rapid growth and interest from the inaugural event in 2012 has proven that the Brovember Beard-A-Thon is not only a community outreach that has been long overlooked, but also unique opportunity to bring attention to HPCRC and those who choose to partner in the cause. The Brovember Beard-A-Thon is proud to partner with HPCRC of Rockford and will be donating 100% of the Beard-a-Thon proceeds to this great organization.  All monies will stay right here in our community.
As this one-of-a-kind event grows, so do the programs and support at Healing Pathways. The men and women of our community need this organization. We hope that you will join us on the front line to bring an elevated awareness of men’s prostate cancer in our community and to benefit Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center located in Rockford.
                                               Thank you for your support.
  If you have any questions, please contact Brovember Beard-A-Thon event producer,                                Dave Armstrong by e-mail at d.armstrong66@gmail.com


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